Model ECV Rack and Pinion Actuators

Rotex ActuatorsRotex Type ECV Direct Acting and Spring Return Actuators

Traditionally, rack & pinion actuators have been used successfully for cost effective valve automation. All manufacturers have their special features; most are The Rotex Infinity Actuator is Different! Rotex has eliminated the weaknesses in other designs. [more]

  • Hard anodized inner & outer surfaces
  • Oversized internal air passages
  • Life-time guarantee on springs
  • V-Seal piston ring
  • Solid top pinion bearing
  • Low hysteresis
  • Monolithic ENP pinion
  • Center bore sleeve
  • Namur VDI / VDE accessory mounting
  • Actuator convertible DA to SR
  • Hard anodized pistons
  • Actuator bores burnished
  • Quick operation capacity
  • External side-mounted travel stops
  • V-Seal pinion seals
  • Replacable piston bearings
  • Low & high temp capacity
  • Hard anodized pistons
  • Internal piston guides
  • ISO 5211 mounting w/star drive
  • Max working pressure 120psi


Rotex V-SealSelf Energized: Exclusive self energized double lip seal design for superior dynamic sealing. V-Seal operates over a broad range of instrument air pressures. Lower friction and less hysteresis for control applications.

Wear Compensating: V-Seals’ wear compensation feature eliminates the “set” taken by traditional O-rings. Greater temperature range and chemical resistance than O-rings. Actuator seal selection made simple!

Seamless Bearings

Rotex Seamless BearingTop Pinion Bearing: Rotex Infinity has a large solid top bearing to center and align the pinion for years of trouble free service and performance. Traditional “strip” bearings or O-rings offer less surface area and load capacity, reducing the overall life of the actuator.

Seamless Piston Head Bearings: Bearings are large one piece construction to support and guide the pistons under maximum load conditions. Bearings are molded directly to the piston, then machined concentric to the piston, centering the piston more precisely than strip bearings or O-rings possibly could.

Rack Engagement Bearings

Rotex Rack Engagement BearingsCenter Bore Sleeve: Provides the largest single piece bearings surface possible for complete piston rack support.

Internal Rack Guides: Durable guide blocks optimize rack teeth engagement for a lifetime of actuator cycles.


Three Times the Life: Three Million Cycles

Rotex Infinity actuators are engineered to provide the longest possible service life. The exclusive Rotex V-Seal polymer double lip seal offers the most efficient, dynamic sealing in the industry. Massive bearings with gre a t e r surface area allow for higher load capacity. Monolithic billet pinion provides for incredible strength and durability. Two part epoxy paint over anodized aluminum body gives superior corrosion protection. Infinity actuators are greater than the sum of their parts.

Three Times the Warranty

Rotex Controls Inc. warranties the complete actuator for 3 years or 3 million cycles, including all seals. All major components, including body, pinion, bearings, springs, seals, and all hardware are covered for the full term of the warranty, 3 years or 3 million cycles. No other actuator manufacturer stands behind their product the way Rotex Controls Inc. does. If one fails, ship us the old one back, and we will ship you a new one!