ROTEX GOV Series Gas Over Oil Actuators

  • Gas driven system
  • Storage tank for manual override
  • Electrically or mechanically operated
  • Large range of operating system is available
  • GOV can be installed on DRS, DRV, HYV or any other make of actuators
  • All pressure parts are as per PED and available with certification
  • Recommended oil Aero Shell Fluid 4 or equivalent
  • Gas driven system

  Sour Gas can be used for Gas Over Oil application

  Gas pressure up to 2000 psi
  • Storage tank for extra operation
 Secondary storage tanks permits up to 3 operations.

 Manual valves and NRV are used for preventing gas to escape one of the line pressure  

  • GOV panel can be completely Gas pressure based. In such cases the manual valves are used for controls
  • Solenoid operated GOV panel can be used for remote operations. SCADA connectivity available.
  • ROTEX GOV can also be used for linear actuator for rising stem valves.
  • ISO mounting for direct mounting available on the basis of model selected for actuator.
  • All parts are manufactured from approved material as per NACE ( MR-01-75 ) suitable for sour gas.
  • All valves are zero leak construction.We use high pressure PTFE sealing system, Poppet & spool construction for higher reliability


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Click link to download PDF document.