ROTEX Order Cancellation / Change Policy

1. Order Cancellation

Order cancellation will not be considered from a buyer without written request to and acceptance from ROTEX Controls. All direct and indirect costs, expenses, and overheads (including a reasonable profit) incurred by, or in direct or indirect connection with the order will be due and payable to ROTEX Controls in the event the requested cancellation is approved by ROTEX Controls. Costs, expenses; overhead and profit will be determined on the basis of consistently sound cost accounting principles applied by ROTEX Controls.

ROTEX Controls retains the right to cancel any order, refuse delivery, or delay shipment in the event the buyer fails to submit payments when due, perform any other buyer obligations, or meet conditions specific to the buyer, at the sole and absolute discretion of ROTEX Controls.

Standard Inventory Products

Standard inventory items ordered without modification or special engineering will be subject to the following cancellation charges:

Order Status Cancellation Charge
Order Received - Not Entered NoCharge
Order Entered - Not  Built 10%
Order Built - Not Shipped 20%

Order Status: Status of order at date and time cancellation is received in writing at the manufacturing plant.

The manufacturing plant may, in certain instances, assess a cancellation fee greater than that prescribed.
For example: Special material purchased in anticipation of an order.

Non-Standard Products

Order cancellation charges for products with special engineering requirements or modifications, will be determined at the time of cancellation and will be dependent on costs, expenses, overheads, and appropriate profits for work performed through date and time the cancellation is received in writing at the manufacturing plant.

2. Change Order Fees

Charges for change orders, if applicable, will be determined and advised by ROTEX Controls at the time of receipt of the written change order from buyer. ROTEX Controls may for any specific case, in good faith, waive, reduce or increase these charges depending on the specific circumstances.

3. Order Holds

a. Under Advisement of Ship To Address: Instances where an order is ready to ship on the requested ship date or factory scheduled ship date (if no specific date requested) and the order is held pending receipt of a "Ship To Address"(including method of shipment, intermediate consignee, or any other pertinent detail that prevents shipment) for a period of 7 working days, there may be a $100.00 flat fee or 1% storage fee as described below (whichever is greater).

b. Storage: If a completed order is requested to be held or stored at ROTEX Controls beyond
7 days from its original "Requested Ship Date or Ready to Ship" date, a storage fee of 1% per week of the unshipped order value may be assessed by ROTEX Controls.

4. Product Returns

a. Product may be returned to ROTEX Controls ONLY with express written consent.

b. Return Credit for products may be estimated at time of consent for return, but will be confirmed upon receipt and evaluation of returned product, and will be based on the condition of returned product.

c. No product may be returned to ROTEX Controls for credit after 30 days from shipping/invoicing date.